International Conference on Safe and Secure Society



The Fire Rescue Service of the South Bohemian Region, the South Bohemian Region, the College of European and Regional Studies, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the University of South Bohemia in Č. Budějovice and the Czech Association of Fire Officers are hereby inviting you to 6th International Conference Safe and Secure Society:

Safe and Secure Society 2021

Emergency – We help ourselves and can do it together as well

12th – 13th October 2021


SOLNICE; Piaristické náměstí 3; 370 01 České Budějovice. The more detailed information can be found in the ”Programme“ bookmark.

The conference is held under the patronage of the Governor of the South Bohemian Region and a Member of the Committee on Security, the Chamber of Deputies, the Parliament of the Czech Republic Mr. Jan Bartošek.

Extraordinary events of natural or anthropogenic origin have occurred all over the world ever since. Many of them are associated with the four elements that create the basic components of the world. They can be understood as indomitable natural forces, including fire, water, earth and air. These four elements also pose risks to the safety of human society. The essential topic of the conference is the “fire” element and its security impact which is discussed in various points of view in relation to crisis management. This includes, for example, dealing with the effects of fires and explosions, the preparedness and training to deal with fires, the possibilities of detection, and psychosocial aspects of coping with these situations.

The conference “Safe and Secure Society 2021” is an opportunity to meet and exchange the experience of people and organizations involved in helping others in different contexts of emergencies and disasters. It builds on the tradition of conferences organized by the Czech Fire Rescue Service and it is the sixth part of the conferences called “We Know about Us” and “Safe and Secure Society”, held in the South Bohemian Region. Extraordinary events cannot be prevented but it is necessary to prepare for them, be able to respond to them and reduce their consequences. The effective and quality assistance to the affected persons should be versatile. Therefore it is important to provide it with all local sources, cooperating together.

The conference provides a platform for meetings of experts dealing with security issues at regional, national and international level. The conference focuses on:

  • Getting familiar with the practical experience of each organization in emergencies associated with the “fire” element.
  • Comparing current approaches to dealing with emergencies on “fire” element topic in terms of crisis management, rescue and psychosocial assistance, presenting the possibilities of involvement of non-governmental non-profit organizations, international assistance and development cooperation.
  • Creating space for people, communities, and organizations to come closer together.

The peer-reviewed proceedings with ISBN, which will be published in electronic form, will be an output of the conference. The proceedings will be submitted for the assessment to the Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI). The information on the possibility of publishing in the proceedings and the formal editing of the papers can be found on the conference web page in the “Information for authors of contributions to the proceedings” bookmark.